Sluggish Computer? It’s Not Just Your Imagination

Are you one of those people who make a sincere effort to keep your PC or laptop free of malware and viruses?  Perhaps you have downloaded one of the free anti-virus software applications and you know all the tips and tricks to avoid questionable sites, suspicious emails and other types of harmful actions that could potentially wreak havoc with your computer.  Yet even though you’ve done everything right, your laptop or PC seems to be running slower and slower with every passing year.

Sluggish Computer? It's Not Just Your Imagination

If this sounds like your situation, it’s probably not your imagination.  Although there are some fairly respectable free anti-virus applications available and other good ones that require an annual subscription fee, they are not foolproof.  Even if your computer is not showing obvious signs of an infection from malware or a virus, a sluggish computer could still be infected.  If you have become increasingly frustrated with your computer, waiting for even simple actions to take effect, we can help.

We can perform specific diagnostics, checking your laptop or PC for pesky viruses and malware that might be the underlying problem responsible for your computer’s slow behavior.  We can also clean up temporary and unused files that can be dragging down your computer’s performance as well.  Investing in a regular tune-up for your computer equipment is much less expensive than replacing a laptop or PC every time it starts to decrease in response time.

If you are wary of your waiting for your computer to respond, contact us today.  We can get it back up and running like new again!

3 Tips on Avoiding and Removing Malicious Software

You notice your computer is suddenly sluggish. Annoying pop-up ads are ruining your browsing experience. Maybe your computer is frequently freezing or crashing. Your computer might be infected with malicious software. All is not lost, however, as steps can be taken to restore your computer to its previously healthy state. Here are 3 tips on avoiding and removing malicious software.

3 Tips on Avoiding and Removing Malicious Software

Install antivirus and malware software

A plethora of both free and paid software exists to help protect your computer from hostile and unwanted software. The function of these programs is to compare files on your computer to known malicious software in their database.

Antivirus and anti-malware programs will perform background scans of any file you open in order to determine if the file is safe or not. If malicious software slips through this background check or already exists in your files prior to installation of an antivirus or anti-malware program, a full system scan can be initiated. A full system scan will search through all of your system’s files for malicious software and warn you of their presence.

Along with the identification of viruses and malware, these programs offer simple and easy removal of unwanted software and files.

Don’t trust unsolicited email links

One common method used to sneak malicious software onto your computer is through attachments to an unassuming email. If you receive an email with a link or an attached file from any source that you don’t know, don’t trust it. Many email clients will scan for malicious attachments and provide a warning if malicious software is detected. If your email client warns you that an attachment may be malicious, do not ignore it.

Avoid unsafe sites and sources

The most effective way to keep your computer virus and malware free are to avoid downloading files from unsafe sources and to refrain from visiting unsafe websites. You are the first line of defense against malicious software.

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