5 Budget-Friendly Benefits of Hiring Professionals for Computer Repair

When your computer runs into issues, you should avoid the temptation to handle the situation by yourself. Contrary to what many people believe, hiring experts will be more budget-friendly. Professionals have the knowledge, experience and tools required to ensure the job is done properly. The experts will accurately troubleshoot the problems and provide a lasting solution. But what exactly are the budget-friendly benefits of hiring professionals for computer repair?

Here are a few.

5 Budget-Friendly Benefits of Hiring Professionals for Computer Repair


A good number of people try to fix computer issues on their own in order to avoid spending money. However, working with professionals will ensure software programs are installed correctly and minimize the risk of damage to hardware components. Experts will use quality materials and parts, effectively helping you to avoid costly mistakes and repeated repairs. This will save you money in the long run.


There is a chance that you store both personal and business data in your computer. Without the necessary expertise and experience, handling computer repairs on your own presents the risk of data loss. Professionals will back up your data before work begins, avoid mistakes that could corrupt your device and ensure all your important files remain intact. The experts will also repair and extract data from a damaged hard drive or one that is infected with viruses.


No matter how small a computer issue may be, trying to fix it can be a time-consuming undertaking. Computer experts will use best practices and the right techniques to identify the root cause of the problem and resolve the issue quickly and efficiently. Hiring professionals will leave you with ample time to focus on other tasks as you get your device restored.


In addition to repairing your computer, professionals may offer other services. For instance, maintenance contracts that include maintenance arrangements will help to reduce the frequency of computer issues and improve the lifespan of your device. This will ensure your device keeps running efficiently and help you keep repair costs to a minimum.


Many computer manufacturers will require licensed professionals to service or repair your device. In case of problems during the period when your warranty is active, there is a chance you will get a free repair. If the issue is due to the manufacturer’s fault, you may get compensation in the form of a new device.

Regardless of the type of computer repair services you need, hiring professionals for computer repair is always a great idea. At PC Geeks, we are a local and family owned computer repair company. Our technicians have expertise and experience in fixing a wide range of computer issues. Contact us today to find out more and request our affordable services.

How to Keep Your Kids Safe While Using a Computer

Computers can be invaluable to enhance a child’s education, but as with any connection to the outside world, parents much ensure it remains a safe outlet for their kids. Predators, scammers, school bullies, and data thieves know that children can easily be exploited online if protections are not put in place by watchful parents. Here are some helpful tips for parents who want to know what they can do to keep their kids safe and free from harassment while surfing the internet.

How to Keep Your Kids Safe While Using a Computer

Have a Family Computer

It’s much easier to monitor what children are doing and seeing online when their computer use is restricted to a family PC that is set up in a “public” area within the home. The living room or kitchen are ideal locations for a family computer and makes it much easier for parents to monitor what their children are viewing online.

Parents can also employ the use of a password that only they know to ensure their kids aren’t sneaking online when the parents are in the shower or away from home for a few minutes. While it may seem like a hassle to have to put in a password every time their child needs to use the family computer, it’s a small price to pay to ensure they keep their innocence and/or aren’t demoralized by bullies at school.

Parental Control Software

There are plenty of software apps that parents can install on the family computer, so they are in control of their child’s online activities. Popular parental control software includes Norton Family, Net Nanny, McAfee, and many others. When deciding which parental control software to install, parents should consider whether the app does the following

  • It should prevent kids from sharing personal information.
  • Blocks inappropriate content on web pages, social media sites, chatrooms, etc.
  • Logs the child’s online activity including web searches, web pages visited, etc.
  • Has remote monitoring features for parents, including updates and alerts sent to the parent’s smartphone.

Talk to Your Kids

Most parents have had the “stranger danger” discussion with their child. In today’s environment parents also need to include the internet in their discussion when their child is ready to go online. Tell your kids why it’s important not to share information such as their age or their address online, even with people they think they know. Let them know you are able to monitor their online activity at all times, so they don’t become tempted to try out unsavory sites their friends may recommend.

Lastly, limit your child’s internet use to school-related activities and discourage them from becoming obsessed with computer use by providing plenty of other activities and outlets for their excess energy. Playing family board games, going for a walk, playing a game of basketball, making a batch of cookies, or reading a book together at bedtime are all great ways to establish family bonds.

If you’d like more tips on how to keep your kids safe online, please contact us at PC Geeks!