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PC Geeks Computer Repair Services

PC Geeks is the premier computer repair company throughout Collin County and beyond. There is no one else offering what we can offer, and no one else standing behind their repairs the way we do.

Mac & PC Repair

Did you break your laptop screen? Damage your DC jack? Hard-drive is not responding? Don’t get discouraged, we’ll run the most comprehensive diagnostic in the business on your computer – and you can know for sure.

Computer Setup

PC, MAC, or custom built, our techs have the knowledge and skills to get you set up and running. It doesn’t matter where you purchased your computer, you can count on us for installation at your home or business. 

Custom PCs

PC Geeks Computer Repair builds and services all custom PCs and gaming computers. We can perform upgrades and or repairs to them as well as help you understand the difference between a standard custom build and a quality custom build.

Data Recovery

Think your computer data is gone? At PC Geeks, our experts are experts at retrieving data. You may have determined you’ve lost precious data on your computer but before you give up, call us.

Virus Removal

Malware and viruses are much more dangerous than people understand. Our technicians evaluate your computer to determine whether a cleaning or a re-installation of your operating system is needed. Protect yourself and your data.


PC Geeks offers residential and office network solutions for Mac or PC. Our technicians will have your home, office, and company facility working more efficiently in no time. We’ll set it up and configure your network!

Why Choose PC Geeks?

PC Geeks is a local and family owned computer repair company. We’re not a franchise. We provide consistent quality and service. We do all our own repair work and we’re not sending out repairs to a 3rd party. Most big box and other computer repair shops do this. We also have physical store locations and not just a tech in a truck or an onsite only company that can be here today and gone tomorrow. All of our repairs are done securely in our stores. By using an onsite only company there is no guarantee the work will be done in their home or garage rather than a tech room.

Computer Repair

Local and family owned. We do all our own repair work, in house or on location. If you can’t come to us, we will come to you!

Data Recovery

We can recover data from all makes of desktop and laptop hard drives.


Our technicians will have your home, office, and company facility working more efficiently in no time – as easy as that!

Virus & Malware Removal

Our technicians evaluate your computer to determine whether cleaning or a re-installation of your operating system is needed.


What Our Clients Are Saying

We work hard and strive to be the best for each and every client. Our service in the computer repair industry is what makes us stand out. We’re different, and you’ll know it right away.


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