Viruses and Malware Contribute to Identity Theft

Virus RemovalArguably one of the most frustrating things you can encounter with your computer is malware. You not only feel violated, you are also worried about the safety and integrity of your data. PC Geeks has the experience and expertise to address your malware issues, get you back up and running, and return your peace of mind.

Malware is More Than a Nuisance

Modern malware (malicious software) – common in the forms of viruses, Trojans, spyware and ransomware – is shockingly sophisticated. This software is written by hackers and designed to steal data and damage devices. In addition to the immediate impact, newer flavors have been known to include mining features that lift and store valuable data (banking information, customer data, etc.). Hackers will sell this data on the Dark Web. Others attempt ransom. Some are testing security to conduct further criminal activity. All of it is bad and can be very costly to businesses and individuals.

It is possible you’ve been compromised by malware and not even know it, but oftentimes there are telltale signs. These include:

  • Your computer takes a long time to start
  • Your files and apps take a long time to load
  • You are suddenly getting an excessive number of pop-ups and ads, and some may even direct you to click to download an antivirus program
  • You get locked out of some (or all) of your files
  • Programs you never installed begin running on your computer
  • Mass emails are deployed from your email service, none triggered by you
  • Your homepage suddenly changes
  • You are experience sudden, frequent computer crashes

How We Remedy the Situation

Our thorough evaluation techniques enable us to determine if you’ve been infected and plan the best course of action. PC Geeks can clean your system of the malware, yes, but we go deeper in our analysis, making a determination as to whether or not we need to reinstall your operating system in order to prevent further issues. Our experience affords us a vantage point uncommon to the average computer tech.

Do you suspect you have become a victim of malware? Don’t panic. We are here to help. PC Geeks has the expertise to address the problem. Computers are what we do, and our team of professionals work fast and efficiently. Sadly, we’ve about seen it all when it comes to malware, but we’ve also built the experience and expertise to tackle it head on. Give us a call today. We’ve got you covered.