Benefits of Networking Your Home

When you think of a computer network, you likely imagine a business or office scenario. However, there are numerous advantages to networking your home computers. In this article, we examine the primary benefits of a home network.

Benefits of Networking Your Home

What is home networking?

It simply means all of your computers and devices share an Internet connection and resources. You can generally access one device on the network through another device. For example, if you are sitting on your front porch with your laptop and need to access files that are stored elsewhere on the network. No problem, when your home is properly networked, you can easily access what you want.

What you will need

Many devices can be connected to one network setting. A strong Internet connection and a decent sized GB internet plan is required. Some networks are wired, but it is best to have a wireless network so you don’t have wires running throughout your home. There are a few hardware options you may need, depending on the size and scope of your network. Typically, a router is the main hardware component of a home network.

Benefits of a home network

  • File sharing – Different users can easily share data or access it remotely if it is kept on other connected devices. 
  • Sharing Internet connection – Multiple members of a household can simultaneously access the Internet. So there is no need to pay for multiple Internet accounts. As long as you have broadband Internet, and a large enough GB Internet package, speed should not be impacted by the number of people online at one time.
  • Sharing resources – All computers and devices on the network can share printers, speakers, and cameras.
  • Gaming – Friends and family can easily play games together when they are on the same network. Integrating video game consoles enables online gameplay.
  • Smart devices – Add your smart thermostat, security system, and appliances into the network and you can control those devices from connected phones, tablets, or computers.

If you are ready to get started with a home computer network, contact our networking professionals today. 

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