Trust the Experts With Your Office Computer Setup

Your small business would be difficult to run without your computer. Can you imagine what it would be like trying to conduct your day-to-day operations with just a pen and paper? It would be difficult, to say the least. This is why it’s important not to neglect proper computer setup for your business.

Trust the Experts With Your Office Computer Setup

Proper and complete computer setup is an important aspect of running your business. In terms of security, operations, payroll, resources, budgeting, logistics, and so on, working with a professional on your company’s computer setup is an incredibly important aspect of running your business.

Here are four reasons for trusting a professional with your business’s PC or Mac setup.

– No setup or configuration hassles. From the beginning of the process to the end, we ensure that your computer setup is complete and without worry for you.

– Installing the right software. There are many software choices that you can make for your business, so how do you know which one is right for you? We’ll help you with all of your software setup needs.

– Numbers don’t matter. We’ll set up one, two, or even a dozen computers if you need us to. We specialize in all things related to computers, so amounts don’t scare us.

– We can configure your network. With all of those computers, you’ll need a network solution that fits your needs. Well, we can do that too. We will ensure that your computer network operates agreeably with all of your computers, and we’ll help you understand how it all works.

If you need help setting up your office computers, we’re here to assist you.

For additional information on how we can help you with your small business, please contact us today.

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Allow Your Computer Room to Breathe!

Happy holidays from PC Geeks computer repair.The two biggest threats to the hardware inside your computer are heat and water.

Now, it goes without saying that putting water in your computer is probably not a very wise thing to do so we won’t talk about that in this column, but have you ever stopped to think about the environmental factors of where your computer sits?

Exposing your computer to excess heat over the long term of its life plays a very serious role in the lifespan and performance of your machine.

Make sure that you regularly dust your computer case, and see that the vents on your laptop or desktop are clear to prolong the life of your system greatly.

So much furniture is available out there to optimize the looks of your home – but many of them, especially computer desks – do not account for the space a computer needs to vent off  excess heat.

Generally speaking, the basic desktop has a fan on its front that’s designed to:

  • Pull cool air inside,
  • Run it through the case, and then
  • Fans within the computer are set to push that hotter air out the back or side of the case,
  • Preventing a buildup of heat on the sensitive components inside the case.

What happens when you put that computer into an enclosed space, like an entertainment center? There is no easy place for the heat to dissipate and now that machine is running at a temperature that it was not truly designed for! Some brands of computers run hotter than others, but the point here is, if you want your machine to last you many years, ensuring it has the room to breathe is vital for its health.

  • Keep your fans clean,
  • Make sure there are few gaps or holes in your computer case that can disrupt the intended airflow, and
  • Making sure there is somewhere for the heat to go once it departs your computer.

That will work wonders in preserving the lifespan of not just your computer, but every component that is in it. If you feel that your computer may be running to hot you should contact your local PC Geeks technician in Allen or Frisco.

We’re happy to help you get your equipment optimized for the environment its in, give us a call. We also service Plano, Little Elm, McKinney, Celina, Fairview and many more neighborhoods near you!

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Protect your Windows Product Key

Restored Computers Make Great Christmas Gifts!A common problem we encounter these days is when a client comes in with an ailing computer that requires operating system repairs, but does not having their Windows product key, or it has been worn off on the bottom of their equipment.

This is a fairly common issue and can definitely lead to higher costs in repairs. Identifying your product key is important for you and can save you time and money.

  • On a desktop, the Windows license key can usually be found on the sides, back or top of your computer case and will tell you’re your operation system version and a series of five sets of five digits and numbers.
  • On a laptop, the Windows license key can usually be found on the bottom of the laptop, or in some cases under the battery itself and also, will tell you’re your operation system version and a string of five digits and numbers.

With custom built computers, the builders are often guilty of not providing you with that Windows license key, and any time your purchase a computer you should take a moment to locate that sticker, and if it is missing find out why. You should always make sure to at least get him to write it down for you, and if they will not do it, it is possible that is not a genuine copy of Windows!

Once you have a new computer home, taking the time to write down your Windows product key and store it somewhere safe is a great way to ensure you have it in the case that the sticker is worn away or ruined.

If you have trouble finding or identifying your Windows product key, do not hesitate to call your friendly neighborhood PC Geeks Technician to help you. We also service Plano, Little Elm, McKinney, Celina, Allen, Frisco, and many more neighborhoods near you!