In Need Of Computer Repair? Call PC Geeks!

In Need Of Computer Repair? Call PC Geeks!If you work on your computer all day long, or use it often for enjoyment, then you most likely have a bond with it. So, when you notice things starting to go wrong with it, you start to worry. But there is no need for you to fear when you have a good computer repair company.

Local DFW Computer Repair

Choose to go with a local DFW company that knows computers, and that has experience fixing them, and then you will feel relaxed as they are working on it. Your computer means a lot to you, and choosing the right company to work on it will leave you feeling good.

Computer Repair Will Save You Money

Not only will having your computer repair done allow you to keep your computer instead of having to adjust to a new one, but it will also save you money. Having it fixed instead of replaced is a smart choice. The repairs won’t cost nearly as much as a new computer, and your wallet will thank you!

Choose A Reputable Computer Repair Company

PC Geeks can take care of your computer repair needs and even handle virus removal issues. If you have been looking for the right company to take care of your computer repair needs, then you should contact us today!

Recover Documents With Our Data Recovery Service

Recover Documents With Our Data Recovery ServiceOld hard drives are bound to stop working at some point in time. Unfortunately, most people do not prepare for this to happen, which leads to their valuable information disappearing into thin air. If you have a hard drive that recently stopped working, you should know that there is still hope to get your documents and photos back. Although some procedures are more complicated than others, all you need is data recovery service.

Salvage Your Old Hard Drives

It is not uncommon to hold on to hard drives that may or may not be working anymore, but the best thing to do is to get the information off of them as soon as possible. Since hard drives are a moving piece of equipment, they can experience problems even when they are not hooked up to a computer.

Back Up on the Cloud

Once you decide that data recovery is the way to go, you may want to back up your photos and documents on the cloud after you get your files back. It will allow you to access these files anywhere in the world where you have an Internet connection, which can be quite relieving as they cannot be accidentally deleted.

Invest in an External Hard Drive

Another option is to invest in an external hard drive. Although these hard drives will eventually die, they should last quite a few years without a problem, so you can store your files with great confidence. In addition to having your original files and a copy of them on an external hard drive, you can buy an extra backup to have on hand, which would give you three hard drives that have your important documents and sentimental photos.

Whether you have a broken hard drive or one that may not be working, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about our data recovery services.

4 Signs That There is Harmful Software on Your Computer

4 Signs That There is Harmful Software on Your ComputerAlthough you might be doing everything that you can to prevent viruses, adware, spyware and other harmful software from installing itself on your computer, some of these programs can be pretty tricky. If there is a harmful program on your computer, however, it is important to take your machine to a repair shop that specializes in virus removal as soon as possible. These are a few signs that there might be a harmful program on your machine.

1. Your Computer is Slow and Sluggish

If your computer is sluggish and slow for seemingly no reason, it could be related to a harmful program. These programs can run a lot of processes in the background and can cause your computer to operate very slowly.

2. You’re Dealing With a Lot of Pop-Ups

Luckily, pop-up ads are not as common as they used to be, so you shouldn’t have to deal with too many of them as a part of your regular Internet browsing. If you find that you are dealing with lots of pop-ups, it could be the sign of a harmful program.

3. Your Computer is Doing Things You Don’t Want it To Do

Is your computer taking you to strange websites that you didn’t want to go to, or is it opening up programs that you don’t remember installing? These are both very common signs of harmful programs.

4. You’re Being Asked for Money

There is a relatively new type of harmful software out there that is known as ransomware. A pop-up might appear on your computer that says that your computer is locked up for illegal downloads, child pornography or something else equally scary. It might then offer to unlock your machine and “let the situation go” if you pay a certain amount of money. Do not pay this money; instead, take your computer to a computer repair shop to have the harmful program removed.

There are a lot of signs to look out for in regards to harmful computer programs, but these are some of the most common. If you experience any of these problems or otherwise think that your computer might have a harmful program on it, contact us ASAP so that we can help.

Are You Protected? 3 Tips for Better Network Security

Better network security should be on the top of all computer user’s lists. Your home (or business) network, when left vulnerable and open, is like a flashing beacon for intruders and hackers. But it doesn’t have to be that way. All it takes is a few steps in the right direction.

Today’s computing products come built with a multitude of security components, which, as long as you are willing to put in the time and effort, can simply and easily block unwanted guests while allowing access to those you choose.

So to help you along and keep your network safe, here are 3 tips for better network security that don’t require a degree in computer science to implement.Are You Protected? 3 Tips for Better Network Security

1. Change your default admin passwords. Your Wi-Fi is run by your router, and at its core is a webpage dedicated to all things security. While the web tools come with a standard username and password (usually “admin”), leaving that as is leaves you vulnerable. A quick username and password change can mean a lot to your home security.

2. Turn on encryption when possible. As long it’s compatible with your devices, turn on WPA/WEP encryption. But only do so if all the devices on your network are compatible with how these encryption processes scramble the information. So research what the lowest encryption setting your network can handle before changing any settings.

3. Enable firewalls throughout your network. While most people are aware that their PC has a firewall (it alerts you when it’s off), some don’t realize that routers also have them. Usually these settings are auto-enabled, but have you checked? Because unlike your PC, you won’t be automatically notified if it’s off. So for extra security, ensure your router’s firewall is enabled and working properly.

For more information on how we can help you with all of your network security needs, don’t hesitate to contact us any time. PC Geeks is the premier computer repair company throughout Collin County, TX and beyond. There is no one else offering what we can offer, and no one else standing behind their repairs the way we do.

What Makes PC Geeks Different?

Want to know what sets us apart from our competitors? Here are the top 5 reasons to choose PC Geeks for your next computer repair:

  1. Unlike big box stores, when you bring your computer in for service at PC Geeks, you can be reasonably sure that you are going to get the technician you had worked with previously who will have some history on your machine and have an underlying understanding of your personal needs.
  2. We are not just trying to corral you onto a show room floor to by the next unproven, latest and greatest machine that has just hit the market. At PC Geeks, it is our mission to repair the perfectly acceptable machine that you already have rather than force you into something that you may not even need!
  3. We pride ourselves on forging long term relationships with our clients so that as your needs evolve, we can help in moving your forward with honest assistance and advice that is going to be in your best interest
  4. At PC Geeks, you have the choice of your preferred service area. We have multiple locations strategically located in the Northern Metroplex. Click here to view all PC Geeks locations!
  5. We are proud to stand by our work and make sure that you are satisfied with the outcome of your service. We feel strongly that a customer should be able to trust and rest easy knowing that if something does go wrong, they can count on us to do the right thing and make sure they are taken care of in a timely manner.

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