5 Tips for Preventing Ransomware Attacks

You’ve surely heard about the recent global ransomware attacks. Thousands of businesses have been locked out of their files until they paid a ransom. The best way to avoid ransomware is by being proactive in preventing it.

5 Tips for Preventing Ransomware Attacks

Install an Antivirus

Your first step should be to make sure that your computer has a solid and trusted antivirus software. Make sure you get one with a strong firewall to prevent attacks. Perform scans of your files regularly.

Avoid Suspicious Links

Avoid clicking on suspicious links. If you see a suspicious email, delete it immediately. When downloading software, only download from a trusted source, and make sure no add-on software is bundled with your desired program.

Upgrade Your Software

Make sure to upgrade your operating system and antivirus software regularly. Set your Windows upgrades to download automatically, at least the important ones that are vital for security. If you have any downloaded software that is outdated, update it right away to prevent vulnerabilities.

Be Smart

Be smart about your activities online. As mentioned, be careful about what you click on. When connecting to a public network, make sure you’re not connecting to a spoofed network. Use a VPN to encrypt your traffic when using a public network.

Backup Your Data

The best way to prevent being a ransomware victim is by regularly backing up your files. If your data gets encrypted, you’ll be able to restore your files without paying a ransom. Make sure to back it up to a hard drive that you keep disconnected from your computer and network.

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