Taking Care of Your New Laptop

If you’ve got a new laptop for work, play, or study, it’s important to take a few small steps to take care of it so you can keep your new investment working.

Taking Care of Your New Laptop

Don’t Block Vents

Your laptop generates a lot of heat in its CPU. This heat needs to be vented in order to prevent damage to components on the motherboard. The computer will throttle the CPU if it detects overheating in an attempt to prevent this.

The easiest way to avoid this is to use your laptop on a flat stable surface like a desk or table. Soft surfaces like beds or couches can block the vents.

It’s also a good idea to blow out any dust in the vents from time to time with a can of compressed air, especially if you notice your computer feeling hot to the touch or performance seems slower than usual.

Run Software Updates

Your new computer needs to keep the operating system software and applications updated to keep running smoothly. They’re usually set up to run automatically. Just let them update.

Run Antivirus

Your computer likely came with an antivirus program. If it didn’t there are several options on the market, even for free. This will keep your computer safe from malware.

Avoid Drink Spills

If liquids get into your laptop’s electronics, they can damage the components on the motherboard. That’s why you should try to keep drinks away from your new computer as much as possible. Containers with lids like commuter mugs or water bottles will help prevent spills.

Battery Usage

One of the best features of your laptop is the fact that you can take your work or play anywhere. The annoying part is that battery life can vary. If you find your battery running down quickly, try turning down the screen brightness to a level that’s still comfortable depending on the lighting.

You might also save demanding applications like video streaming or gaming for when you’re plugged into a power outlet. And when you are plugged in, you should use a surge protector to prevent damage from power spikes.


If you follow these tips, you find you can keep your new laptop in good working order for its useful life. If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to get in touch to see how we can help.

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