Up Your Game with a Custom Gaming PC

Whether you’re a first-person shooter, a MMPORG raider, or a casual player who just wants to wallow in amazing graphics, a custom gaming PC may be the right solution for you.

Up Your Game with a Custom Gaming PC

Many gamers prefer to build their own PCs, but you don’t have to be an electronics enthusiast to get the best new gaming desktop for your style. PCGeeks can work with you to build a custom gaming computer to optimize your experience and get the most for your money.

Whether or not you’re building your own, here are some of the considerations you need to keep in mind when investing in the best gaming computer for you:

  • Graphics card (GPU): This is so important for gaming that it’s worth spending a large chunk of your budget on the best one you can afford. What’s the difference between lower-end and higher-end GPUs? Primarily, VRAM — the video memory your PC will use to render game images and motion. Aim for at least 4GB of VRAM, more if you can manage it.
  • Processor (CPU): Choose a recent model and check its benchmarks online — you’re looking for strong performance against others in the same class.
  • Motherboard: Up to you whether you want to plan on overclocking your PC (pushing the components to work faster than the maker intended). It’s not always a performance booster, and it can decrease the stability and life of your gaming PC, so make sure that when you overclock, it’s going to get you the speed you need.
  • Storage: Solid state drives (SSD) are going to be faster than traditional hard drives. They’re also more expensive, so plan accordingly.
  • RAM: More memory will boost your performance a bit.
  • CPU cooler: All this power is going to generate some heat. Consider investing in some protection, because an overheated PC is no fun at all.

And finally, let’s talk about style. You’re going to spend a lot of time looking at this rig. It’s worth it to make it look great. Express yourself with a custom case, paint and lighting! Talk to the experts at PCGeeks to make your custom computer dreams come true. Contact us to learn more.

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