Fixing Computer Performance

Particularly with desktop and laptop computers, there can be a number of different culprits your computer performance to be behave sluggishly.  Steps can be taken to isolate the problem, although in most cases it’s generally recommended allowing professionals to fix the issue due to the risk of making the problem worse or outright wrecking the device needing to be fixed. Among common culprits causing computer slowness after acquiring a working computer are malicious software, excessive boot-time programs (or apps), and a full hard drive.

Fixing Computer Performance

Computer operating systems distributed by Apple or Microsoft, or those that can be downloaded for free such as Linux require a certain amount of free space on a computer’s hard disk drive in order to function optimally.  Microsoft Windows, for example, will cache files on the free section of the hard disk drive when performing reading or writing operations. If the space is not free then the desired output of the computer can be delayed.  Different operating systems require different amounts of free space on hard drives — consult manufacturer documentation.  Removing unneeded files from the hard drive will take care of the problem — typically, copying them to external drives is done before deleting them off the computer.

Downloading and installing computer programs or apps, especially rare or free ones, carries the risk of infecting the computer with malicious software. Typically, free programs are laced with malicious software which is any type of program designed to perform an illegal activity on the computer it’s installed on, but often, the software will cause sluggishness on the computer.  Various guides can be found on the internet for assisting in the usage of antivirus software for scanning and removal.

When installing any given program or app, it will often configure itself to run every time the computer is turned on. If enough programs are installed and configured this way they will use up much of the system’s hardware resources, especially RAM memory. Operating systems have ways to disable programs from being run at start-time. Using the features will free RAM memory and allow the computer to run more smoothly.

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