Can Webcam Hacks Really Happen?

Whether webcam hacks are a myth or a reality remains a hot discussion in IT. Many computer owners have reported malicious activities in their webcams from unknown locations and reasons. While these reports may sound fallacious, someone, whether stalkers, financially motivated cybercriminals, troll, bullies, or plain tech enthusiasts, can hack your cameras and use them for unclear purposes.

Can Webcam Hacks Really Happen?

How Does a Webcam Get Hacked?

Hackers mostly access webcams through malicious software installed in your devices intentionally during production. This software allows invaders to activate your webcam remotely and spy on everything, thus compromising your privacy. Here are some common ways you can get malware on your devices and give hackers access to the cameras.

Clicking malicious links

The Internet is the major fishing ground for most webcam attackers. They usually share malicious links or attachments through messaging apps, phishing emails, social media, or mobile applications. The links may seem legitimate, but once you click, they infect your device with malware, including Trojans, giving hackers easy access to the cameras. Before clicking any link, ensure it has the right URL combinations and leads to a legitimate website.

Remote Tech Support

Remote tech support services are highly convenient, but can be rife with scammers that are likely to take advantage of the access to leave malware and access your device whenever they want. Before granting any tech support access to your device, ensure you vet them satisfactorily to avoid suspicious activities.

How Can You Detect Webcam Hacks?

Most webcam invaders stay far from the victim, and it may not be easy to notice their activities, especially when done by professionals. Some indications that your webcam security might have been compromised include the following:

  • The webcam indicator light turns on even when you aren’t using the camera. While professional hackers can avoid this suspicion by switching the light off, that may not always be the case.
  • There are strange files in your webcam folder
  • Unusual applications on your PC or devices
  • Unusual interference with your device settings

What Can You Do If Your Webcam Privacy has Been Compromised?

If you notice any sign of webcam attacks on your device, you can lock hackers out and stop the security breaches by doing the following:

  • Disable or unplug your webcam device
  • Enable your device’s firewall
  • Change your device’s passwords
  • Update your security and privacy software
  • Avoid suspicious links, applications, and downloads
  • Avoid unsecured and public Wi-Fi

How Can PC Geeks Help?

At PC Geeks, we value your webcam security and strive to safeguard it. Our tech-savvy team can evaluate your devices to determine dangerous malware, viruses, and other suspicious activities to protect you and your data. Contact us today to learn more.

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