Top Notch Recovery Services for Your Crucial Data

Whether it’s a treasured family photo, a business critical spreadsheet, or the next great novel, we all have data that we consider irreplaceable. When that data is threatened by hardware failure or accidental deletion, it’s time to call in the professionals. When you engage the PC Geeks data recovery team, we set to work on restoring your data right away. We treat your recovery job as if it were our own critical system. All data recovery efforts are conducted in a clean room to minimize any chance of further damage or data loss, and our methodical approach ensures that you get the best possible result.

Top Notch Recovery Services for Your Crucial Data

Deleted Files

If your data was accidentally deleted, we can scour the hard drive for erased files. We can even recover files after the computer’s recycle bin or trash can has been emptied. Let our team know what data to retrieve, and we’ll get to work. We’ll restore the missing files back to where they were, or supply you with a separate drive containing the recovered data. After that, we can future-proof your setup by configuring backup software in case of future deletions.

Hardware Failure

If the hard drive itself has failed, we bring out the heavy tools. The PC Geeks team uses specialized data recovery software that can extract data from your storage media, even if the drive has failed or become damaged. No matter what type of disaster your files have suffered – fire, flood, or impact – we can sort them out. The type of media doesn’t matter much either – if it stores files, we can likely recover data from it. Bring us your failed hard disk drives, broken USB flash drives, and scratched CD-ROMs. You’ll be amazed at what our team can bring back to life.

Contact Us

Whether it’s a personal file on your laptop or a crucial customer database on your enterprise server, your data is important to you. Recovering that data is important to us. Give us a call or stop in to ask about data recovery services. You’re just a phone call away from giving your data the PC Geeks treatment.

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