Fixing Your Computer’s Power Switch

After constant use to turn your computer on and off over the years of owning your particular machine, your power button (and possible your reset button too) is likely to get worn out and stop working or require ever-increasing levels of force to be employed against it for the button to work. When this happens, you may be tempted to take your computer to a repair shop and get the button or buttons fixed for a small fee. While this is an option, you can potentially fix it yourself and it isn’t even that hard to do. So, before you load up your computer and drive to the nearest repair shop, you should consider trying the following steps to fix it yourself.

Fixing Your Computer's Power Switch

The first thing to do is to shut down the computer. You do not want to be attempting any sort of repair process with the computer still running, after all. Once it has been shut down, you should disconnect all cables from the computer. Gently remove the power cable and then disconnect the monitor’s display cable, the mouse, and keyboard and any other peripheral connectors also hooked up to your PC.

Once this is done, press the power button and hold it in that pressed down position for around five seconds in order to drain any power that still remains in your computer before releasing the button.

With that done, you should remove the left side panel of the computer case. The means may vary from pc to pc but it usually involves gripping a handle on the exterior and pulling the panel loose after unscrewing it. After doing that, remove the bezel from the front of the computer before removing the cap covering the power button and then push on the rear of the button until it comes out.

Once this is done, take the spring from the power button assembly you’ve just taken out and place it on the new button’s stem and insert this new button into the front of the bezel and snap the power button’s cover back in place once you are done then reattach the left panel and front bezel. With everything reattached, you may now reconnect all the cables and the power button should be fixed.

This guide should allow you to easily fix a failing power button without much trouble but, if you still have questions or if you feel that you aren’t up to the challenge of fixing the power button yourself then please Contact Us for more information on the repair process and don’t worry. If you feel it’s too much of a challenge to do it yourself, you can always let us fix it for you.

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