How to Remove a Virus from your PC

With how commonplace viruses are today, it is imperative that you learn how to remove them. While the ideal solution is to just not have your computer get a virus in the first place, this is not always an available option and once you discover that your computer has been infected you need to know how to address the issue. There are a few procedures that you can go through in order to effectively try and remove a virus from your computer, however, most of them rely on you having employed smart backup and system imaging procedures. If you have not done this then you should expect to lose a significant amount of the data stored on your computer in the process.

How to Remove a Virus from your PC

Option 1: Run Antivirus in Safe Mode

If the virus doesn’t prevent you from doing absolutely anything then you should be able to get into safe mode. Provided this is an available option then the first way you can try and remove your virus by going into safe mode and running your antivirus program. With any luck, this will succeed in removing the virus without issue. However, it is possible that your antivirus will fail to remove it or that the virus will prevent you from entering safe mode. If this occurs then you need to move onto the next option.

Option 2: Roll back to a System Restore Point

If you are effectively backing up your system in case of trouble then you should have a significant collection of system restore points to choose from and this offers you another option to respond to the threat of a computer virus. If the antivirus option fails then you can always attempt to roll your system back to a previous restore point. This reverts the status of your computer’s operating system and installed programs to the state it was in at the time of the restore point’s creation. The most important part of this is that it removes programs and files that were not present at the time which allows you to remove any malicious files that were not present at the time of the restore point.

In most cases, this will easily allow you to deal with a virus by effectively going back in time until before you caught that virus.

Option 3: Factory Reset

This is the most extreme option to get rid of a virus. It effectively involves resetting your computer to the default status as it was when you first got that computer. While this does work, it isn’t the best option as it can cost you a significant amount of data unless you already have it backed up. Because of this, it is an option to be avoided unless all other methods of ridding yourself of a virus have failed.

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