When to Trust Your Anti-Virus Report

Skeleton hacker.Anti-virus programs aren’t equal in ability.

Different anti-virus programs will often give you different results, and for that reason, it’s important to get your system checked out by a professional if you suspect you’ve had malware introduced to your PC or Mac.

These days viruses not only attack your system and the various devices associated with it, but they also know how to attack anti-virus programs themselves.

If you suspect you have a virus, don’t take your anti-virus’s word that the system is clean, because in truth, it may have been disabled or hijacked by the virus itself and offering a false negative on the results.

Try installing a secondary anti-virus program and run it – you may be very surprised at the results. Trust PC Geeks to run a thorough evaluation and cleaning of your PC or Mac, and we’ll also repair any resulting damage your system may have experienced. In today’s busy world, you need your system working optimally, and you need to protect yourself as quickly as possible. Don’t take chances, give us a call today.

What are your virus or malware questions? What issues are you noticing that have you wondering if malware is responsible? Leave your responses in the comments below.

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