Laptop Repair or Invest in a New Laptop

If you have been having trouble with your laptop computer, you might be thinking about buying a new one. After all, with prices on laptops being lower than ever before, it might seem like it will be cheaper and easier to treat yourself to a brand new computer versus trying to fix it yourself or hiring a professional for laptop repair.

Laptop Repair: Better Than Buying a New Laptop

However, before you go out and buy a new computer, you might want to think about the option to repair your existing model instead. Obviously, if you have been unhappy with your computer and have been wanting a new one anyway, now might be the time to replace it. However, if you were happy with your computer before it started messing up, you might find that fixing it is your best option.

For example, you might be able to fix your laptop on your own. Some things are pretty simple and can be fixed by simply doing a factory reset on your computer. If your computer is bogged down by a lot of programs or is simply running slow, or if you would like a like-new start without having to buy a new computer, this can be a good option.

Even more complicated issues can also often be repaired with ease. A professional who is experienced in computer repair can help with replacing cracked screens, repairing damaged keyboards or touchpads, getting rid of viruses, uninstalling old software and installing a new operating system or new software and more. These services can be surprisingly affordable and can be cheaper than buying a new computer.

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4 Factors You Need to Consider Before Replacing Your Motherboard

The motherboard is the heart and soul of your computer. A lot of errors can occur with your computer, but replacing your motherboard should be a last resort for repair purposes. Motherboard Repair is complicated, especially with frequent changes in technology. Before you decide to replace your motherboard, rule out other factors that could cause a problem. Here are five things you should look for before considering replacing your motherboard.

4 Factors You Need to Consider Before Replacing Your Motherboard

1. Crashes and Errors

You may get the notion to open your hard drive and poke around to attempt to fix or analyze a few problems, but before you risk doing more damage to your computer, analyze your system and the settings of your applications. These two tasks can only be rendered if you can boot your computer correctly.

Sometimes your computer enters sleep mode, which is not an issue or problem with your computer. Sleep mode can make your monitor’s screen black or blue. Striking a key on the keyboard or moving the mouse will take the computer out of sleep mode. This status occurs when there is inactivity on your computer for a certain amount of time. Changing this setting is completed by changing your computer’s power options.

You may have installed a program that conflicts with other software, causing error alerts on your computer. A simple fix for this situation is system restore. Choose a restore point you feel your computer was working properly, and restore your computer. If you are experiencing many error alerts or storage behavior from your computer, factory reset your computer. This reset will restore your computer to its out-of-the-box state when you purchased it.

2. Check Your Connections

Loose cords and external connections can cause computer problems. A loose power cord can cause computer problems, such as shutting down due to lack of charge or improper charge. Make sure all cords and attachments are tight and secure. External hard drives, flash drives, and booting CDs are all things that could prohibit your computer from starting correctly because the computer could be trying to boot from one of these devices.

3. Listen to the Beeps

If you can’t successfully boot your computer, turn it on and listen for a series of beeps. Your computer can tell you what the problem is with a series of beeps. Four beeps distinguish issues with parallel or serial ports and followed by four, three or two more beeps. If there is a problem with your motherboard, you will hear one beep following five, four, or three beeps.

4. Inspect Your Hardware

If you are tech-savvy, you may be comfortable checking your computer’s hardware. If not, you may want to take it to a professional. If you are inspecting your hardware yourself, the first thing you should check are plugs, cables, and wires. They need to be securely in their designated location. Next, you need to check for damage that stands out, such as broken wires and burnt items. If you have extra computer parts lying around, change them out to see if some of your computer’s issues improve.

Don’t attempt to make repairs on your computer if you are not familiar with the inside of a computer; this could cause further damage that could be expensive. If you have an existing warranty on your computer, now would be the time to use it. If not, you can take it to a professional computer tech and have them make the necessary repairs. Contact us today to learn more about your motherboard and available options.

Why You Should Consult Trustworthy Computer Repair Technicians

A laptop is a major investment. As the need for responsive touchscreen devices grows, cracked screens are becoming extremely common. Blown pixels can be a nuisance when you don’t have the time or patience to fix the screen yourself. Consulting a team of reliable computer repair technicians to repair a damaged laptop display is the easiest step you can take.

Why You Should Consult Trustworthy Computer Repair Technicians

DIY Leads to Frustration

Every laptop requires a different screen replacement. After all, you chose the laptop that suits your needs as an individual. The last thing you need is a new LCD in the mail that doesn’t match the damaged one you own. You also need the right tools to unscrew the screen, and you might not be that tech savvy.

Emergency Situations

Whether you have wedding invitations to mail out by a certain date or a demanding project on the horizon, you will need fast assistance as soon as possible. Your laptop provides convenience and security for sensitive information. A cracked or damaged screen obstructs the enjoyment and usability of a laptop. Technicians offer support and understand emergency situations for everyone.

Save Your Money

The hassle of buying a new screen, waiting for the delivery, and assembling the machinery on your own isn’t that cost-effective. You can learn new skills with a trusted technician by your side.

Instead of buying a new laptop that you’ll end up setting up again, enhance the life of the laptop you have now. Computer repair services guarantee peace of mind and in-depth diagnosis of your computer’s problems.

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Power Adapter Issues? Call PC Geeks!

With so many advancements in computer technology, one might feel overwhelmed by the lack of consistency in newer laptop models. Updating your software, antivirus, and browsers offer the best experience for any type of laptop user. If your laptop won’t turn on, it might not be a hard drive issue at all it could just be a power adapter issue.

Power Adapter Issues? Call PC Geeks!

Diagnosing Power Adapter Problems

The power adapter charges your laptop to reach its maximum performance. Since every laptop has different voltage requirements and a multitude of power adapter choices to choose from, it can get confusing trying to figure out what’s going on with your laptop. You might also have a hard time understanding the language of do-it-yourself laptop repair tutorials. Loose wiring inside the laptop is a common culprit, especially if you have an internal battery. Internal batteries are harder to test when it comes to tackling power supply problems.

Here are a few signs of power adapter/DC Jack malfunctions:

  • Charger light doesn’t come on when you connect your laptop to the adapter.
  • The laptop turns on, but it can’t take charge. Sometimes, the laptop’s charger light will flicker with sporadic charging.
  • Some outlets in your house have a higher supply of power than others. If you have to position your power chord at a certain angle in order to receive charge from a specific outlet, you might have an internal disconnection inside the laptop or the charger is failing.

Buying a new laptop charger is expensive and a waste of money when you haven’t properly diagnosed the specific issue. More importantly, you want to get a few more years out of your favorite laptop. Contrary to popular belief, computer repair costs less than a brand new laptop and has more value than a new power adapter that you might not need.

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Computer Repair – Common Problems And Solutions

“Who left a glass of orange juice near my laptop?” If that’s you, don’t despair! It is common for computers and laptops to constantly run into problems and occasionally get damaged. Here are some common ways laptops get damaged and what you can do about it.

Computer Repair - Common Problems And Solutions

Orange Juice Spilled On Your Laptop

If orange juice, or any liquid, for that matter, has spilled all over your computer, the first thing you want to do is to turn it off and remove all cables, disks, and other attachments. Next, try allowing the liquid to drain by turning your computer upside down or on its side, depending on where the spill occurred. Use a cloth to wipe up the individual pieces and remove stickiness. Then let your computer dry for a while. After this is done, see if your computer will work again. If not, then it is time to call a DFW computer repair specialist.

Broken or Cracked Screen

Uh-oh. Has the dog been quite jumpy lately and accidentally landed on your laptop? If your screen works fine and the only damage is a small crack on the side, a new screen may not be necessary, although you will want to be careful that you don’t apply any pressure to it and make thing worse.

But if nothing is showing up on your screen, you may need a new one. But first, make sure that it’s not your graphic card that’s the problem. To do this, attach another monitor to your computer (a TV or tablet will do fine, just make sure all necessary settings are enabled) and see if anything shows up on your monitor. If something does, then you need a new screen.

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Save Money & Hire A Skilled Computer Repair Company

Save Money & Hire A Skilled Computer Repair CompanyWhen something begins to go wrong with your computer, do you panic? Do you feel concerned that you will have to replace the computer, and does the cost of that scare you? If so, then it is time for you to consider computer repair. There are many instances when a repair is all that you need to get your computer running well again.

Save Money With Computer Repair

Making the decision to repair your PC as opposed to purchasing a brand new one will not only save money but it will allow time and energy for other priorities.  Most likely your PC will operate like new and you will be pleased with the outcome.

Hire A Qualified PC Repair Company

Locating a local computer repair company is easy. Ask questions, get a clear understanding as to what is wrong and the steps it will take to get the PC repaired. Get a quote and an estimated date of pick-up, if they meet your expectations then you have found the best company for your PC Repair.

Get Them On The Job And Relax

After handing over your PC to a trusted company your final step is to relax with ease. Once it’s ready you will be glad you took the time to research your options. We all know peace of mind is priceless.

When you are in need of PC Repair, put us to the test.  Contact PC Geeks today and we will exceed your expectations and demonstrate exactly what a skilled PC Repair Company is capable of.

Is Computer Repair or Replacement is the Best Option?

Is Computer Repair or Replacement is the Best Option?Having an operational desktop computer is something that you have become accustomed to, which can make it difficult to adjust to not having one when your computer breaks down. However, you should look into fixing the computer as soon as possible, especially if you intend on fixing it at some point in time. Although you might think that computer repair is the number one option, you should take it to a professional for a thorough inspection and to determine whether it truly is the ideal solution.

New Computers Give You Greater Power Efficiency

It is important to understand that new computers will undoubtedly provide you with greater power efficiency. Although power consumption has stayed in the same range for many years, this is because computer part manufacturers focus on getting the most performance out of a certain power range.

Repairing an Old Computer Can Save You Money

Although a new computer might sound nice, you should understand that repairing your old computer can save you quite a bit of money. If the needed repair is only minimal, it will likely only cost a fraction of what a new computer would require you to spend, making it the best option, hands-down.

Replacement Parts Can Get Expensive

If you bring in a computer that is nearly five years old, you should expect some of the replacement parts to be rather expensive because they will likely have been out of production for several years. When this happens, you can run into compatibility issues and the easier solution is to just build new.

If you have a computer problem and want to learn more about your options, contact us today. Let a professional help you determine whether computer repair or replacement is the best option!

Computer Repair: Common Causes of Freezing Laptops

Computer Repair: Common Causes of Freezing LaptopsRegardless of how new your laptop is, you may still experience a frozen laptop on an occasional basis. Most laptop owners have experience with a frozen laptop. It is one of the most frustrating things to deal with when you need to get work done. What exactly causes a laptop to freeze?

Common Causes of Frozen Laptops

The number of issues that can cause a frozen laptop are many. However, there are a few that are very common and cause the most grief to laptop users. Thankfully, these common causes are also typically easy to troubleshoot.

One common cause is overheating. Anything that prevents airflow like dust build-up can cause your laptop’s temperatures to rise. Once your laptop begins to overheat, chances are it will freeze up on you causing disruption and downtime.

Another common cause of freezing is insufficient memory. RAM holds your computer’s data short-term and then uses it for the programs and functions that run on your laptop. When you do not have enough RAM, your laptop will begin having various issues such as running slower, the blue screen of death, freezing up, and more.

The last most common cause of laptop freezing is software issues. This could be any number of things and is the most difficult to troubleshoot on your own. It may require further investigation by a professional computer repair technician. A technician can determine whether it is a BIOS problem, viruses, malware, or other software bugs.

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Tips for a Laptop Display That Won’t Turn On

Tips for a Laptop Display That Won't Turn OnIt can happen to even the most experienced of computer users. You go to use your computer and your laptop display won’t turn on. If this is happening to you, there are a few troubleshooting steps you can try to hopefully fix the problem.

Battery Issues

Although this seems like common sense, it is surprising how often a dead battery is the cause of our trouble. Check your battery to see if it has or will hold a charge. Ensure that the plug connects properly to your laptop. If your laptop was in hibernation mode, you may need to press the power button to wake it up.

Restart Your Laptop

This is another common trick to try to fix the display. Restarting your laptop will reload drivers and other processes that control the display. Restarting often fixes the display issue. However, if it continues to persist, chances are you may need to reinstall your operating system.

Stand-by Mode

When you close the lid to your laptop, there is usually a button that sends the laptop into stand-by mode. Sometimes this button can become stuck. If you can locate this button and release it, the display may begin to work.

These are only a few of the most common troubleshooting methods for a nonfunctioning display. Other issues may include video card trouble, BIOS issues, or more. Worse case scenario, your display is actually broken and you will need the help of a computer repair specialist to diagnose the problem.

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Don’t Despair, Call for Computer Repair

Don't Despair, Call for Computer RepairWhen you took your brand new computer out of the box last year, set it up, got everything just as you wanted, it was a good day.

Lately, the computer is slow and erratic. Sometimes programs quit in the middle and sometimes they don’t install. You don’t know if system updates,  downloads and program repairs help or hurt the situation.

Is this temporary? Or the beginning of the end? There’s too much on the system to lose – documents, music, graphics, email addresses, business papers, school work, family photos, videos, browsing history and bookmarked sites. And there’s even more.

Even with a fairly new system it’s hard to diagnose the problem or problems which account for the slow and erratic performance.

You want things back the way they were when the computer system was fast, reliable and trustworthy.

Good computer repair involves comprehensive troubleshooting. The computer could have one or multiple issues, some straightforward to diagnose and to fix, others more difficult to find and remedy.

Is it a hardware problem? Has the computer run out of disk space or memory and need an upgrade? Is the Operating System corrupt and need to be reinstalled? Do software programs have conflicts?  Or have multiple viruses or malware invaded the computer?

Contact PC Geeks – Computer Repair to make your computer work like  new again, whether at your home or office, for a Mac or  PC. With our drop-off sites and pick-up service throughout Collin County, PC Geeks makes repairing your system a priority.