Computer Repair – Common Problems And Solutions

“Who left a glass of orange juice near my laptop?” If that’s you, don’t despair! It is common for computers and laptops to constantly run into problems and occasionally get damaged. Here are some common ways laptops get damaged and what you can do about it.

Computer Repair - Common Problems And Solutions

Orange Juice Spilled On Your Laptop

If orange juice, or any liquid, for that matter, has spilled all over your computer, the first thing you want to do is to turn it off and remove all cables, disks, and other attachments. Next, try allowing the liquid to drain by turning your computer upside down or on its side, depending on where the spill occurred. Use a cloth to wipe up the individual pieces and remove stickiness. Then let your computer dry for a while. After this is done, see if your computer will work again. If not, then it is time to call a DFW computer repair specialist.

Broken or Cracked Screen

Uh-oh. Has the dog been quite jumpy lately and accidentally landed on your laptop? If your screen works fine and the only damage is a small crack on the side, a new screen may not be necessary, although you will want to be careful that you don’t apply any pressure to it and make thing worse.

But if nothing is showing up on your screen, you may need a new one. But first, make sure that it’s not your graphic card that’s the problem. To do this, attach another monitor to your computer (a TV or tablet will do fine, just make sure all necessary settings are enabled) and see if anything shows up on your monitor. If something does, then you need a new screen.

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