Is the Era of Desktop Computers At Its End?

With the growing popularity of tablets, smart phones, and other gadgets that folks to easily access their email from anywhere they wish, a lot of people are once again beginning to ask that old question: Is the age of the desktop computer finally coming to and end? While you will find a divided crowd on the issue, in my opinion the answer is still a resounding no!

When the laptop was introduced people were sure that would be the end of the desktop and it turned out to not be the case at all, and as some time goes by I believe that the desktop will still prove to be of value to a fairly large crowd of computer users. The truth is, when it comes to endurance, data storage capacity, and just over all performance the PC is still the King. They remain the easiest of all computers for upgrading components, and in the office place they can still be found under virtually every desk in the office quietly fulfilling their purpose with ease and longevity.

Man using several browsers.

That is not to say that laptops and tablets do not have their place or that, for certain users are much more convenient, only that there is a place for all of these devices in our increasingly digital world. Below are some examples of benefits each system can provide their users

  • Desktops are good for faster performance, endurance, future upgrades rather than replacement, data storage, superior ability to withstand wear and tear, as well as some repairs, a wide range of software compatibility
  • Laptops are good for portability, convenience, innate wireless capability, data storage, decent performance, a wide range of software compatibility.
  • Tablets/Smart Phones are good for superior space-saving potential, portability.

This is just a basic overview of the three types of machines and what their strengths are as far as using them to meet your needs and as always there is a wide range of factors and preferences that will determine with machine type will best suit your needs. If you are unsure what machine is right for you ask your local PC Geeks technician in Allen or Frisco and we will be glad to help!

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