Get to Know Your Technician

Merry Christmas From PC Geeks!At PC Geeks, we provide a service that benefits everyone in the community. Just like any qualified service leader, the more we understand the history of a situation, the faster it is to come to a successful diagnostic conclusion.

It’s funny to us that people don’t tend to tell us right away what they may have done that preceded a problem with their computer. We’ll never judge you or make you feel small! Stuff happens to all of us. When you become our customer, we want to see you return for many reasons. Yes, we’re happy to help you, but let me make a comparison.

When you buy a used car for your teenager, for instance, you’re probably going to be extra watchful to see if the car performs like you expect. When something goes wrong, you think about the history of the car. The longer you have the car, and the more parts that get replaced, eventually you get to know very well what’s under the hood, am I right? At that point, you probably know your mechanic very well, and can trust the given opinion.

With your computer, the same basic thought applies. You don’t have to throw away your computers the minute they give you trouble, get the problem diagnosed and see where the breakdown is happening. The more we know about the history of your machine, the better. Get to know us, we’re local, we’re friendly, and we know how to get to the bottom of issues you’re having so you can put them behind you and get on with your life!

PC Geeks hires qualified technicians with extensive background in computer repair. When you have problems with your Mac or PC, call us first. You can bring them into either of our stores, or we’ll come to your home or office. It’s really as easy as that! In Frisco, that’s 214-618-4800. For our Allen store, call 214-383-5578.

The staff at PC Geeks wishes you a safe and happy holiday season.

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