Your New Years Computer Resolutions

So finally our year is coming to and end and everyone is preparing for the new one and wondering what sort of resolutions are appropriate. We are very appreciative of our long time, and new customers and all of the business they have brought in to us over the past year. It really has been a banner year for PC Geeks and we really owe that to you!

With the brand new year it is also a very good  time to think about your computer needs and security for the new year! So we have compiled a short list of suggestions for your new year computer resolutions!

Your New Years Computer Resolutions

  • Maybe it is time to buy that external drive to protect your personal data!
  • Some more RAM to help speed up my aging system sure could help!
  • Sure would be a good idea to clean up and optimize my system to speed it up!
  • Removing old programs I no longer use or want could be nice.
  • Changing all my old passwords with something new could help security!
  • Maybe it is time to take the old computer out of the closet and have it recycled!

All of the above suggestions could go a long way into increasing the lifespan of your computer, or at very least make sure that your system security is up to date and ready to face the next wave of e-cooties that is lurking beyond the first of the year. Every year the creators of malicious software find new ways to invade your systems and improved methods to ensure that they are harder and harder to remove.

I would highly recommend all of the above in one fell swoop to ensure you are safe and healthy.

How long has it been since you have done any of those six suggestions? Not sure if you have ever done them? Tell us what you think would help our machine. If you are uncomfortable in doing these things yourself, please feel free to contact your friendly computer technician at PC Geeks in Allen of Frisco. We would be glad to help you take care of your optimization needs! We are also serving the surrounding communities of McKinney, Plano, The Crossroads, Prosper, Celina, Little Elm, and Aubrey. We also service extended areas, please call for details.


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