Make Your Passwords Strong, Not Easy

BIrd of prey.We all have so many passwords to keep up with; we have a tendency to want to remember them easily. PC Geeks wants you to know that strong passwords, not easy ones, are the smart solution. Hacking isn’t a little problem, it’s a violent, intentional assault. Be prepared with good defenses. is a great tool to keep your passwords safe and accessible at the same time.

This tool stays on your desktop securely, and when you need to find your information, there it is! Much better defense than using your birthday or child’s name. Easy passwords like those are almost sure to get hacked in the long run.

Here are three things every password should include:

  • A good mix of capital and lower case letters
  • Numbers
  • Symbols, maybe even a couple of them

Hacking is usually done with computer scripts. They just robotically turn out combinations of your public information and common patterns until they find something that works. A good mix of the above suggestions will help to confuse a bot so they will go on to someone else. is just one way to keep your information secure while keeping YOU from getting confused!

For other options, check out this post on Mashable:

Password Management Tools

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