Surge Protectors Need Love, Too!

Overloaded surge protector.When we were talking to some of our customers from McKinney and Plano areas the other day, it was apparent most folks believe that as long as you have a surge protector, all your appliances currently plugged into it are safe and immune from power surges that are capable of seriously harming your computers.

The truth, however, is not as encouraging.


In some ways, an inexpensive surge protector is a little like a motorcycle helmet.

Once it’s taken a very good solid shock, it may no longer be as effective as before.

Obviously, the more money you put into a surge protector, the longer they are likely to last and the more abuse they should be able to take, but the average inexpensive surge protector is only good for a few incidents. Then it’s wise to replace them.

You spent quite a bit of money to buy your computer, and the peripherals that are plugged into it. We think it would be a very good idea to spend a little bit more next time you are down at the computer store and invest in either a decent surge protector, or  better yet  – an uninterruptable power source.

This is a device that has a built in battery, so if you suffer a surge in power or a complete outage:

  • It automatically switches to battery power,
  • Buys you at least enough time to power your devices down properly,
  • And reduces the damage to software and hardware.

Fluctuating power and poor air circulation are the leading causes of power supply failure in modern computers. Fluctuating power, over time, can compromise the health of many hardware components by not delivering the steady wattage that is needed.

A large variety of products are available to adequately protect your sensitive electronic devices from power issues and it’s crucial that these steps are taken to ensure the longer life of your equipment. Even standard laptops should be plugged into a surge protector because they are particularly susceptible to surges in power.

If you are unsure of what method of protection against power surges would work best for you, call your local computer technicians – PC Geeks in Allen or Frisco –  and we would be glad to advise you of your best options.

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