Is Storing Data Offsite Good Practice?

Everyone now knows that it is essential to have some sort of backup plan for making sure your data is safe and sound. Often in our blogs we talk about the importance of having that external drive to make sure you are backing up your data. You would be surprised how many times we talk to clients who have gone out and gotten that external device but never actually used it! Some times it is just that they are intimidated to set up the backup themselves, and sometimes it’s just laziness, but one thing is for sure it is a mistake you only ever make once. Another thing to consider, is, what happens when your data backup drive is damaged or destroyed along with your computer?

Student working on laptop remotely.

What we do not often talk about, is the other option that is growing in popularity out there and that is offsite or online data storage. Carbonite may be the most well-known of these options. Personally, while I agree that online data backups are better than no backup at all, Carbonite does have some advantages over traditional external drive storage.

  • If your external or computer are destroyed, your data is still safe and secure
  • The price is generally affordable
  • Once set to automatic, you can be as lazy or scared of working on your backup as you want!

With many folks that I talk to, especially those that own their own business or run it out of their house, I recommend both external drive and Carbonite for their back up. The theory behind this is that on the external drive you always have your data close at hand for easy access, and if something horrible like a house fire occurs, you have Carbonite protecting your data offsite. That is a very wise combination to have when you are dealing with data that you simply cannot afford to lose.

We know that dealing with personal data storage can be kind of intimidating at first so if you need advice or help setting that up please call your local PC Geeks technician in Allen or Frisco so we can advise you on your best options or even do it for you! We also service surrounding areas such as McKinney, Little Elm, Plano, Lucas, Fairview, and many more.

How Much Performance is Enough For Your Needs?

One of the most common myths surrounding computers today is just how much horsepower you need to run your everyday tasks. When you go into the average big box store and start asking questions it is their mission to only let you out of the door once you have bought a computer with so many bells and whistles that NASA could call upon you to land the space shuttle. The truth is, it all depends on what you, the user, intend to use your machine for, but one thing for sure is that nearly everyone pays for a lot more performance than they may actually need!

If you are a casual user that is really just reading up on the news on a few sites, checking on your email and maybe goofing around on Facebook with your friends, you really do not need that monster custom system! For a casual user the following is good enough

  • Dual core processor, 4 GB of RAM, 250 GB hard disc drive. A small video card can help for those news videos if you really want to splurge.

How Much Performance is Enough For Your Needs?

If you are a user that likes to mess around with video or sound editing, perhaps some Photoshop work or sizable software programs the following would be pretty good bet.

  •  Quad core processor, 6 GB of RAM, 500 GB hard disc drive, and a slightly above average video card will take you a good long way

If you are a hard core multitasking machine, or an orc slaying legend of gaming, you are that small percentage of users that really does require lots of juice to keep that edge on your rivals. At very least you will want this…

  •  Upper end quad core processor or greater, at least 8 GB of RAM, but preferably 16 GB. A solid state hard drive, and a video card that can handle any sort of online graphic environment, heck, even two video cards working in unison is a great idea. There are a million little things to add here that can up the advantage as well.

If you are unsure just how much firepower that you want or need for your next system the technicians at PC Geeks in Allen or Frisco would be glad to help you find a system that will actually meet your needs rather than pad a salesman’s pockets! We also service surrounding areas such as McKinney, Little Elm, Plano, Lucas, Fairview and many more.