Why it’s better to Custom Build a Gaming PC

When it comes to a gaming pc, there are two main choices: buying a prebuilt computer or building your own. In general, the ideal choice is to custom build a gaming PC due to a combination of factors which make it the ideal choice.

Why it's better to Custom Build a Gaming PC

#1. Price

When you compare the price of buying all the parts for a computer and building it yourself to purchasing a machine with general specs, building your own is generally cheaper. Not to mention that it is far easier to get a computer with the exact specifications you want by building it yourself than it is by trawling through various computer stores in search of one that fits your needs.

#2. Customization

In general, building your own PC gives you a lot more options on what you would like to include in your system than buying one does. In general, most pre-built computers use a limited selection of parts with little in the way of choices. If a prebuilt computer does offer the option to change certain parts, it will be with an extremely limited number of preselected parts.

Building your own system gives you so many more options as you can literally choose from every single part on the market to customize your machine as much as possible, and for a fraction of the price most prebuilt part changes will run you.

#3. No Bloatware

One of the main problems with prebuilt systems is that they tend to come with a lot of useless software that you don’t want or need and just takes up unnecessary space, forcing you to spend hours removing these useless programs when you get your computer. If you build your own computer then there is no bloatware to speak of and you can just get started right away without having to spend time removing useless programs.

If you’re building a new computer then let the experts help you out. Head on over to PC Geeks for all the latest tips when you’re ready to  custom build a gaming PC and all the best parts for building a computer and more.

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