Don’t Use Free Optimization Programs

Stop watch resting on a keyboard.These days, the software market is flooded with software programs that are designed to optimize your computer, allowing it to run faster than before. No doubt some of them actual succeed in their claims.

Unfortunately, the truth is much more serious. Many of these optimization software programs – available both in the stores and on the internet – not only fail to live up to their claims but in fact , can cause serious issues with your operating system.

Those issues can lead to corruption of Windows, loss of data and even slowing down the system to a crawl, rendering other more vital software completely ruined.  Some of them may actually be computer viruses. If you have downloaded programs promising to speed up your machine but are unsure if they are safe, call PC Geeks!

The worst of these programs are the free ware programs that can often be downloaded from various sites on the internet. Not only are many of them poorly designed, but a large portion of them are not true programs at all; they are viruses just waiting to be downloaded and infect your machine.

Many of these programs promise to speed up your machine and often do so by “optimizing” the registry of your operating system. The problem with this approach is that other software may need the registry a certain way in order to function correctly, and if it is altered or deleted, they no longer function.

If you talk to your local computer technician for advice you’ll find that a great many will recommend you speed your machine up the old fashion way, by upgrading hardware components to increase overall performance.

While this is rarely without cost, it is a fraction of the price of repairing your computer after having a bogus optimization program wipe out your operating system. Are you getting annoyed with your slow computer? Call us today.

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