Processor and Memory Upgrades: How to Give Your Computer New Life

Is your computer struggling to keep with a new operating system upgrade or a new program? Are you spending more time waiting for your computer to load than you are actually using it? Does your computer often give out-of-memory errors? If so, it may be time to breathe new life into your computer with a simple processor memory upgrade.

If your computer is relatively new — five years old or less — upgrading the processor or the memory can be an easy, inexpensive way to get many more years productive use whether the expense or aggravation of migrating to a new computer. While both upgrades will give you the most bang for your buck, many people may find that just one or the other is sufficient for their needs and their budget. The only question, however, is determining which is best for your particular computing needs.

Processor and Memory Upgrades: How to Give Your Computer New Life

Here’s a Quick Look at the Benefits of Each

Memory upgrades: Easily the most cost-effective and easiest upgrade that you can perform. Memory upgrades are as simple as replacing your old memory with faster, higher capacity RAM sticks. When replacing memory, keep in mind that memory is best replaced in pairs – meaning that if your computer currently has four gigabytes (4gb) of RAM in a single memory ‘stick’, your preferred upgrade would be two new four megabyte sticks or 8gb total. You would not want to simply add a second memory stick. This is due to the fact that to be most efficient, memory should be matched, meaning it should be the same brand, same specifications, and, preferably, from the same product lot. Buying a pair (or more) of memory sticks as a package guarantees that the memory is properly matched. For most users, 8 GB is sufficient; high demand users or user who use memory-intensive applications may want to consider an upgrade to 16 GB of RAM. Also, while most modern desktop computers will accommodate up to 32 GB of RAM, most operating systems – and applications – cannot make sufficient use of more than 16 GB, meaning that for most users a 32 GB upgrade is largely unnecessary.

Processor upgrades: Not for the faint-of-heart, a processor upgrade is a delicate process that should only be attempted by an experienced end-user or a professional computer technician. While Windows or your preferred operating system may be the soul of your machine, the processor is the beating heart of your computer. Replacing your processor with a more modern, faster processor can make a tremendous difference in the speed at which your computer runs. A processor upgrade is a more expensive, more complicated upgrade than a memory upgrade, but will in most cases also yield a corresponding improvement in performance versus a simple memory upgrade. The exact processor upgrades that are compatible with your particular computer will vary by computer manufacturer and the type of motherboard installed in the computer. You should be able to determine which is right for you by checking the manufacturer’s website or by discussing your processor upgrades with an experienced computer technician.

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Why You Should Consult Trustworthy Computer Repair Technicians

A laptop is a major investment. As the need for responsive touchscreen devices grows, cracked screens are becoming extremely common. Blown pixels can be a nuisance when you don’t have the time or patience to fix the screen yourself. Consulting a team of reliable computer repair technicians to repair a damaged laptop display is the easiest step you can take.

Why You Should Consult Trustworthy Computer Repair Technicians

DIY Leads to Frustration

Every laptop requires a different screen replacement. After all, you chose the laptop that suits your needs as an individual. The last thing you need is a new LCD in the mail that doesn’t match the damaged one you own. You also need the right tools to unscrew the screen, and you might not be that tech savvy.

Emergency Situations

Whether you have wedding invitations to mail out by a certain date or a demanding project on the horizon, you will need fast assistance as soon as possible. Your laptop provides convenience and security for sensitive information. A cracked or damaged screen obstructs the enjoyment and usability of a laptop. Technicians offer support and understand emergency situations for everyone.

Save Your Money

The hassle of buying a new screen, waiting for the delivery, and assembling the machinery on your own isn’t that cost-effective. You can learn new skills with a trusted technician by your side.

Instead of buying a new laptop that you’ll end up setting up again, enhance the life of the laptop you have now. Computer repair services guarantee peace of mind and in-depth diagnosis of your computer’s problems.

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Communicating With Your Technician is Important!

One of the challenges facing many technicians these days is trying to piece together how a problem with their client’s computer has occurred. This can be a difficult and time consuming task that can end up in days of diagnostic tests on hardware. A common reason for this is that often, a customer is shy or reluctant to let a technician know what might have led to the problem as perhaps they fear that the technician will punish them with higher costs and giving them a hard time!

It should be said that any technician worth their salt should never judge a client, either morally or based on their ignorance of their computer’s inner workings. I can speak honestly and say as a technician I have pretty much seen every possible instance of the bizarre in the course of my career and managing to shock any technician is nearly impossible at this point. We have seen smoothies that have grown lawns of mold inside of laptops! Pictures that cannot be unseen, and about anything else you can think of that make us put our head in our palms. We technicians are troopers.

Communicating With Your Technician is Important!

A great way to keep your costs of repair down, ensure faster turnaround times and generally lessen the risk of a bad diagnosis is simply to be honest with your technician and let him know what you were doing when the issue arose. We are not going to punish you for dropping your laptop, looking at naughty websites, or even ill advised attempts at self repairs! In fact, if we know what you were doing it will go a long way towards helping us understand what could be causing your issues!

It goes without saying, that every industry has some bad apples that will take advantage of people if they feel they can get away with it, and as a consumer it is important that you find a technician that you feel you can trust to make the right call and not shame you into spending more than you have to. Once you find the technician you are comfortable working with, do not hesitate to tell them what you were doing at the time of the problem so they can figure it into their diagnostic work and narrow down the issue swiftly.