The Best Gaming Computer Is the One You Build Yourself

PC gaming can be hard, historically we have had to fight with hardware and software in order to run games on the limitless configurations an open platform like the PC allows. Today’s PC gamers can do a little less troubleshooting and a little more fragging as computer parts and drivers become less esoteric and more standardized. But to some the thought of learning to build their own PC keeps them locked into video game console upgrade cycles or searching the internet to find which company builds the best gaming computer.

The Best Gaming Computer Is the One You Build Yourself

You can look at any other article about why it is better to build your own PC and you’ll find reasons like keeping costs down and having control over each component. Why pay for parts and features you don’t plan to use? We have better cooling options for high performance systems. But I think there are some more abstract reasons to build your own PC as well.

First and foremost, there is a very satisfying feeling in sitting next to a machine you have built yourself. I feel like a mechanic restoring a hot rod or a jet pilot sometimes when my rig is purring next to me as it blasts out frames. You can feel some pride in those buttery smooth graphics and that whisper quiet cooler when you have assembled and tuned it all yourself. It’s like the difference between a toy that will get discarded when something newer comes along and your favorite pair of broken in jeans and that can even go a long way in easing buyer’s remorse when you think about how much it cost! On top of all that, by building a PC you’ll start learning a new skill set that is in ever more demand in today’s economy. As automation becomes more feasible the only jobs left for humans may be in IT…or to dial back the doom and gloom: you’ll be on your way to being the “computer guru” at work or among friends.

In the end the decision is yours. Some of us won’t have the time or the technical skill to build a PC. Others just prefer the convenience of buying something factory made. But for my money, the best gaming computer is the one I’ve built myself! For more information on creating the best gaming PC for you, contact us today at PC Geeks!

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