Time To Throw Out That Laptop With The Busted Screen?


Accidents happen. Sometimes, they can’t be avoided. Accidents can happen to you, to others, or to your mission critical laptop! And since your trusty laptop is rife with important information like emails, contacts, documents — essentially the keys to your castle — you have just kept on dealing with it. It’s not too bad, after all: it’s just a busted screen in the top right corner. At least you can still read your emails, although, the text has to be at the bottom of the screen. And hey, you’re pretty adept with Windows shortcuts, so it’s no problem to switch back to your spreadsheets with a simple ALT+TAB keystroke.

Time To Throw Out That Laptop With The Busted Screen?

Appearances Are Everything

But even though it’s not THAT big of a deal for you, your busted laptop is not exactly something you’d want others to see. It is a reflection of you, after all. Remember that lunchtime meeting you had where you almost got that client? Too bad that client doesn’t want to work with someone who is seen as clumsy. Did the client say that’s why they didn’t choose you? No. But they didn’t have to; your busted laptop screen said that for them.

On The Fence About It?

“I would love to get a new laptop, but I don’t want to have to copy all my files over, reinstall my programs… Plus, it’s not in the budget.” This may be a common thought process for many, but getting a new laptop is not the only solution. While it is true that many laptops are not easily upgraded, many laptops can easily have their components replaced, including busted screens. When a new laptop may cost several hundred dollars, a screen replacement will save you money.

“But I’m not a computer person, I can’t even change the batteries in my remote control.”

Not a tech person? No Problem! We are computer people! Contact us for your laptop screen replacement consultation.

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