Rejuvenate Your PC with a Windows Upgrade

Running an older Windows operating system (OS) is a bit like driving your car with the engine light on.  Sure, everything is running smoothly at the moment, but the voice in the back of your head reminds you that things can start to degrade or fail at any time.  You’ll never regret paying early attention to your car’s warning light, and you won’t regret keeping your operating system current by doing a Windows upgrade, especially with our experts to ensure a smooth transition.

Rejuvenate Your PC with a Windows Upgrade

Is a new operating system enough?

It is always tempting to start fresh with a new computer when it’s time to upgrade.  After all, an older operating system is most likely running on older hardware.  There are plenty of cases where simply upgrading your Windows installation makes more sense.

  •  You need to run new software that isn’t compatible with your older OS.
  • Upgrading software AND hardware right now is just too expensive.
  • Your hardware is plenty fast and stable, so you just need a software upgrade to stay flexible, secure and supported.

Can I do it myself?

There are three main areas where an OS upgrade can go wrong, or even result in data loss or the loss of functionality:

  • An older program may no longer run on the new operating system, which may require an additional update or extra configuration to correct.  Prior to any major PC surgery, it’s a good idea to prepare for the worst.  This link from Microsoft Answers points to several backup and restore strategies that can help you recover if an upgrade goes wrong.
  • Imperfect or missing support for your existing hardware.  Like your old programs, this may require a driver upgrade to correct, or in some cases, new hardware.  Check with Microsoft to make sure your existing hardware is supported.
  • Your old computer is a storage location for all of your old data, much of which is stored in user profiles.  These profiles contain preferences, history and other data unique to each user on your computer, and it is common for user accounts to become corrupt during Windows upgrades.

Just like you can fix your own car, you can upgrade your own PC.  In both cases, you should have significant experience before you try.  You won’t know you’re in over your head until, well, you’re already in over your head!  Our experts have seen it all.  Contact us for an upgrade, or to talk about what’s best for your situation.

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