Windows Upgades and That Old Computer

A lot of us have an old computer sitting around the house. You know the one I mean. You were running Vista or Windows 7 on it and never upgraded to Windows 10.  So that old computer has been gathering dust while you explored a new one or maybe the latest smartphone. What can be done with that old computer?

Windows Upgades and That Old Computer


Running old systems, like Vista or Windows 7, that are no longer supported by updates from Microsoft isn’t secure. Hackers love to exploit vulnerabilities in applications and systems that are out of date. You could upgrade that computer to Windows 10 yourself.  Windows 10 is sold in numerous places. There is even a site on the internet where the Windows 10 update is rumored to be still free, even if Microsoft long ago officially ended the free upgrades. But there are numerous system requirements for Windows 10 that old computers often can’t meet.

Linux Distributions

One alternative is to remove the Windows operating system and replace it with a Linux Distribution. These operating systems are lighter, requiring less memory and CPU processing power to run than Windows 10. Not to mention, Linux is open source software and you can download it free. Linux’s light footprint means it is often ideal to run on an older machine. Linux is a bit more hands-on and so is not for everyone. But it is an option to explore.

Other Options

You might not have the time or temperament to fix up that old computer yourself. Quite possibly, if there is a problem with it, the computer can be repaired. Whatever the situation, PC Geeks can assess your old computer. If it’s repairable, we’ll make it work. If it’s possible to upgrade to Windows 10 or put another system like Linux on it, we can do that too. So don’t throw that old machine out. Give us a call today at PC Geeks. We may be able to give it renewed life! And if we can’t, we can build you the new computer that exactly fits your needs.

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