Maple leaves in Autumn.How often have you thought about your computer’s health? I doubt it’s ever crossed your mind! Most people never think about that.

Unneeded files and programs can slow your computer to a snail’s pace.

In addition, junk software is continually getting dumped on your machine, and getting rid of it makes a huge difference.

Reformatting  your hard drive and installing a fresh load of Windows on your machine is a great way to ensure the health of your your system and all its files. It is the ultimate in system optimization! That will also ensure you have the latest driver for your devices, and in some cases, can help you diagnose other issues with your computer.

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Virus removal.The days of just simply getting rid of that nasty virus you’ve been given by running a simple program seem to be near an end. Today’s infections are:

  • Meaner,
  • Smarter,
  • Better designed, and

A whole lot more sophisticated than they used to be.

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Monkeying around can cost you.There is nothing worse than settling in behind your monitor and heading off to check the news or visit your distant friends only to find you have no connection.

Before you start clicking check boxes and asking Google what your specific issue is, you should know that you can do much more harm than good by monkeying around in those settings.              Read more “Communication Issues Can Be Solved With Better Networking”

Mac and PC Set Up Mistakes

Mac and PC Set Up mistakes. One of the most common mistakes we see people make happens when they first purchase a new computer.

Often, people will take a PC or Mac home, turn it on and off to the internet they go. The truth is, it’s vital to a new machine to be hardened and updated immediately. Read more “Mac and PC Set Up Mistakes”

We CAN Recover Your Data

Happy couple didn't lose their data, they wen to PC Geeks!Nothing is truly as valuable as your data.

Hard drives can be replaced, nearly everything inside your computer can be replaced or upgraded, except your personal data. Don’t take risks with your personal information!

When your machine is misbehaving or must be replaced, the most important aspect of that transition is how to rescue that data and safeguard it from being lost.  Read more “We CAN Recover Your Data”

PC Geeks computer repair technician.Sometimes, Google and the mighty search engines can only take you so far in self diagnosing your ailing computer. It’s very hard to separate the facts from the rumors out there in cyberspace, and you’re better off just taking old Betsy to your local technician to find out what is really wrong.  Read more “Computer Repair Shouldn’t Be Self-Diagnosed”